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Customize your own shoe?

Customize your own shoe? Wondering what is it right? Here is it! Boonga Art Shoe is really unique and is one of the product rarely seen in Malaysia and also in the other countries.  This product is creatively created by Firdaus Putra and ‘Aisyah, the founder of Boonga Studio.

‘Aisyah and Putra Firdaus

Check it out the products.

Feel free to buy it or you also can give the old shoe and it will bring back to a new one with your own design or any design by boongatstudio. For more info about the products, check it out on their facebook page and website.




Make Your Own Danbo!


1. Copy following link and feel free to Download it.



2. After done downloading. Print it for A4 size and start cutting out the pieces.

3. Remember to number them up everytime you finish cutting out theone piece.

4. Fix up your Danbo using this two video below.

5. After you have done Danbo. You can take pretty photo with it. Have Fun, guyz. Heee…

The story of Little Danbo

Wondering what is Danbo right? Danbo is cute robot from anime Yotsubo&!. Created by Azuma Kiyohiko, the writer for manga Yotsubo&!.

Danbo in Yotsubo&! manga

Many photographer nowadays really like to photograph this little cute danbo because attracted to his unique expressions and he can posed easily . Check it out!

Really cute right? hehehe…